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Pilgrimage’s Significance

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Christian interest in Israel the Holy Land is associated with the birth, demise, followed by demise and subsequent resurgence of the pilgrimage movement. In both Islamic and Hebrew tradition, pilgrimage is regarded as a religious obligation of the entire faiths, taught in its...

The Holy Land Pilgrimage Experience

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The recorded history of the Holy Land is more than 5,000 years tells us that this region was never quiet and peaceful. In old maps, Jerusalem is shown as the center of the world, dividing Europe, Asia, and Africa. One conqueror after another poured into the Holy Land in an...

2,000 years of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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James Harpur tells in his book that the first Christian pilgrims were the Magi ‘three wise men’ who according to the Gospel of Matthew, journeyed from east of Bethlehem, guided by a star, to pay homage to ‘the one who has been born of the Jews’. Their story contains some of the...

New finding: Vast, developed 9,000-year-old settlement near Jerusalem

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New finding in Israel Remains of Neolitics site near Motza, the largest ever discovered in Israel, show mix of agriculture, hunting, animal husbandry — a society at its peak, say archaeologists An unprecedentedly vast Neolithic settlement — the largest ever discovered in Israel...

Jerusalem’s Old City is now accessible!

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Visitors can now plan their way with a unique and free application called Accessible JLM-Old City. For the first time in history, after 10 years of work by seven governmental bodies, the Old City of Jerusalem is accessible to people with movement disabilities. The Old City of...

Archaeologists Discover an Ancient Portrait of Young Jesus

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The 1,500-year-old wall painting was found in a Byzantine church in Israel’s Negev desert. In an extremely rare early painting found in an ancient Israeli church, Jesus looks completely different from the long-haired, bearded Western image of him. Archaeologists from the...

Israeli archaeologists find “Jerusalem” in Hebrew on 2,000-year-old column

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Israeli archaeologists find “Jerusalem” in Hebrew on 2,000-year-old column Israeli archaeologists  announced 31st October, 2018 the discovery of the full name of Jerusalem carved in Hebrew on a stone column, which the Israel Antiquities Authority said dates back 2,000...

New Cable Car: Nazareth to Mount Tabor

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Israeli government have approved a project to construct a tourist cable car, connecting the Upper Nazareth to the lower slopes of Mount Tabor. Heavenly International Tours groups from South Africa will be the first to enjoy the ride.

King Hezakaiah Stamp Find

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Important Archelogical Discovery December 1st, 2015. Stamp of Kind Hezekiah from time of 1st Temple was found near Jerusalem Old City Archeology site. This is the first scientific excavation to find the most authentic stamp with a print of King Hezekiah name. Until today not many...

Canna of Galilee – Wedding Renewal

Heavenly International Tours can provide participants in our group tours Wedding Renewal service at Cana Village church. Jesus First Miracle The Gospel tells about Jesus of Nazareth attending a Jewish wedding feast in the village of Cana, with his mother Mary and his first few...